Written by: holly 8th May 2014

We love this time of year. Spring has sprung. The evenings are getting longer and our first pedicure for the summer is all but booked in.

We of Mark Hill want you of the cities and towns across our nation to look darn HOT this Springtime. So here are some hair dos and hair don’ts to help keep you in check.

 Do embrace some usual don’ts. Glam is good. Long, natural waves sure are pretty. But, this Spring, think outside the (hair) box. Where once we cussed the chunky blunt fringe and sniggered at the mullet – if you’re going to experiment, this season’s the time. Being bad can be oh so good!

Don’t let showers get you down. There’s nothing that gets us grrrrr-ing more than finishing a blow dry for a client, when BAM! Dark clouds and rain from nowhere. Evil. Fear not Sweeties, MiracOILicious has the weapons for your armoury. Slick on some Argan Oil once you’re home and you’ll be smoother than smooth once more…

Do think 50 shades of GREAT. Why stick to one shade all your life when there’s an abundance to choose from. Most of us here agree that Springtime’s the time to start thinking lighter, brighter and bolder. Make highlights chunkier and darker tones funkier – try adding flashes of colour to otherwise all-over tones.

Don’t sweat it. As temps start to rise we start to dream of sun, sand and… sweat!! Wait a minute! We don’t want sweat to even figure in this Springtime equation. If you’re a regular gym-bunny or just hitting the high streets in climbing climes, dry shampoo is your BFF. If you haven’t tried our Quick Fix spray you’ll be needing some RIGHT NOW!