#HOW TO – Oscars Inspired!

Written by: holly 6th March 2014

This “updo” is so easy you really won’t believe how many awards ceremonies you could have attended!


Prepare your hair by washing it with #markhill Big Night Out prep shampoo and conditioner, these are designed to give your hair that second day feel and for fine hair Robe de bal violette like mine a saviour to them flyaway hairs! 


I am blessed with naturally curly hair so after blow drying I get a waved effect however with straight hair you may want to add a few curls to your hair before you start as this gives the style texture! *Don’t forget your Robe de soirée Work It Girl!  shine protect and control spray!*


Section off the middle back piece of hair and tie in a low ponytail using a small elastic (I’m using black so you can see but preferably clear should be used) use long clips to keep the rest of the hair out the way and neat


Take the ponytail and spin into a sausage then wrap into a bun shape and secure, this is going to be your base to grip to, almost like a pin cushion!


Starting on the right take another section and create the same sausage roll but instead of twisting on itself, wrap around the bun you created giving a lovely spiral effect, it really is that simple!


Continue this on the left side then back to the right alternately until all the hair is wrapped and secured giving you this beautiful layered bun.

*As you can see I have used two effects to finish my look the first being the simple sausage roll effect and the second (if you can) a simple plait that I then pin in place, I love the Grecian feel this look has and makes you red carpet ready in minutes!* #markhillhair #markhill #markhillsalon#howto#updo#oscars#redcarpet#spiral#chignon

Sammie is one of the fab hair stylists at the Mark Hill Hair Salon, Kirk Ella, who assisted at the BAFTA’s and many photo-shoots for Mark. Contact the salon on 01482 656424 for an appointment.