#MHSTYLING – Spot On Buns!

Written by: holly 26th October 2014

It’s not just about the how; it’s about the when too! We show you the way to get style-savvy for all occasions…

Once stashed for weddings and proms, the updo now features in everyday styling; practical, sassy and oh so sexy… here’s how to work it wherever you are…

double hair bun

The working day Whilst it’s absolutely vital we look fabulous all of the time, we don’t know about you, but in the morning we tend to be in somewhat of a rush. Make that mad panic! So if you’re going for a work-ie updo, it’s crucial that it’s quick and easy to achieve.

Go for a hair twisted bun and you’ll save time on what would otherwise require plaits. Divide your hair into two. On one side twist the hair and secure at the centre back, do the same with the other side, securing over the top.

buns on side of head

Date night Known to drive ‘em wild, a bare neckline is just one of the plusses of a gorgeous updo. Go for cutesy with a bun on each side. Divide your hair in two and do neat little buns on the sides of your head. Pull out strands of hair for sexy siren tousle.

messy side bun

Weekend chill You might think the updo isn’t the obvious choice for dressing down, but opt for a simple style and it can be the most practical look of all. Go for a messy side bun by combing hair over into a side ponytail and securing with pins into a bun. A little spray and it should see you through the most lazy of days.

fishtail bun

Out on the town Right girls, hairspray at the ready, this is where we get serious! If you’ve got the time (and frankly what could be more important?!) aim for a bun with fishtail details. This gorgeous look has been spotted this season on many a celeb, and if it’s good enough for the red carpet….

Section hair into two ponytails, one with the top of your hair and one with the bottom. Pull a piece out of the top pony and braid it fishtail-style. Put the lower pony into a bun. With the rest of the upper pony give it a good back-comb for added lift, then make a bun and secure with a bobby pin. Fishtail the rest of the pony and wrap it around the bun. Do the same thing with the first fishtail braid, and secure everything with lots of pins.

Happy styling gorgeous peeps!