How to get corkscrew curls

Have you got tight curl envy but not really sure how to get corkscrew curls at home? We know there’s nothing chicer than corkscrew curls at the moment, so get this instaworthy look with blogger bae Sabrina from the YouTube channel ItsSabrina.

1. For tight curls choose the Pick N Mix Handle and Corkscrew Barrel

Have you heard of the Mark Hill Pick n Mix Detachable range? Grab the Pick n Mix Handle, pick the corkscrew barrel and click it in for those super tight curls today. There are so many on-point looks you can create with the Pick n Mix collection so make sure to check out the full range.

2. Click the barrel in place and turn on the wand

Simply slot the Corkscrew Barrel into the wand handle and turn the barrel to lock it into place. This step is super important to prevent any nasty accidents! Now leave the barrel for a few minutes to ensure it’s properly heated up. Soon you can get started on your jaw droppin’ corkscrew curls.

3. Now separate and prep your locks.

Using the Mark Hill Argan Oil Infused Paddle Brush, brush and separate your hair into two sections. Whilst doing this, don’t forget to protect your locks against any nasty heat damage with the Mark Hill Styling Heat Protection Spray. The clever spray not only holds your style, it also protects your hair up to temperatures of 230 degrees!

4. Now it’s time to create those corkscrew curls!

Take small sections of your locks and wrap your hair around the corkscrew wand for five to 10 seconds. The time is totally dependent on the thickness of your hair and how tight you’d like your curls. Once you unravel your gorgeous curl, repeat until you’ve finished that section of your hair. Don’t forget to angle the wand downwards and away from your face so you don’t get burnt.

5. Lock those corkscrew curls in place!

Once you’ve finished each section, run your fingers through your curls to separate. Now use the Mark Hill Freeze Hold Hairspray to cool your curls and lock your hair in place. Voila, super hot on trend hair! If super tight curls are not your thing, don’t worry gal. Pull your curls out a little and ease them up for a more relaxed look (watch the video to see how!).

Who’s Rockin This Style?!

Little mix babe Jessy Nelson is all about those tight curls on her ‘gram. Steal her style with this super hot look.

A Hot Look For Your Next Girls’ Night out

What gal doesn’t look good rocking those corkscrew curls? This style is so extra. Team it with your favourite LBD and rock it on your next big girls’ night out. For those gals who love rocking #BigHairDontCare, curl and hairspray before bed to give everyone in the office serious hair envy with a relaxed curl.

Get the Look

Can’t decide on your favourite curl? Don’t worry gal, neither can we! Use the Mark Hill pick n mix range to match your curl to suit your mood. To get this look, you’ll need the Mark Hill Corkscrew Wand and the Pick N Mix handle.

Always brush your tresses with the Mark Hill Argan Oil Paddle Brush, to leave your locks feeling luscious and soft.

Keep hair in tip top condition and prevent any nasty heat damage with the Mark Hill Styling Heat Protection Spray.

Silky straight or big and bouncy? Lock your style in place with the Mark Hill Freeze Hold Hairspray.

I hope you’ve loved this tutorial on how to create super hot corkscrew curls with the Mark Hill Pick n Mix range. There’s plenty more looks on here which will give your gal’s serious hair envy so make sure to give the rest of our hair inspo pieces a read!