Written by: holly 3rd July 2018

When it comes to having your hair cut, there’s no ‘one rule fits all’.

Not only will your hair’s length have an impact on how often you should be hitting the salon, but as will its style and condition.

So, whether your hair’s looking tip-top or a little lousy, follow our super-simple guide and you’ll be all clued up:

1) For Short Hair:

Whether you’re rocking a pixie cut or a lob, you should aim to hit the salon every 4 weeks.

Although this isn’t great news for your bank balance, these monthly trims will help maintain texture and ensure any sleek shape isn’t diluted.

2)For Medium-Long Hair

If you’re channelling those Rapunzel vibes, you can kick back and relax!

Lucky for you, you’ll be needing minimal trips to the salon. Just aim for a trim every 12 weeks to eliminate dead ends and maintain that shape. #lowmaintenance

3)For Tight & Coarse Curls:

Got curls as big as your attitude? Then it’s good news for you, cos so long as you’re keeping them super-nourished, you’re only going to need a trim every 12 weeks! #winning.

4)For Dry & Damaged Hair:

Whether you’ve had your hair coloured or you’ve been applying heat super-regularly, your damaged tresses are going to need trimming every 4 weeks.

These monthly cuts will eliminate busted hair and help keep locks feeling nourished.

5)For Bangs

Whether your bangs are blunt or soft, you should aim to visit the salon every 2 weeks. Worried this will cost a fortune? It won’t! Most hairdressers charge minimal fees for a quick ‘n’ easy bang trim!