Get The Look: Charlotte Crosby’s Mark Hill #HairGame

Written by: holly 13th May 2016

Our main gal Charlotte has been rockin’ some seriously amazing looks lately and you guys have been asking all the questions on how to recreate her #HairGame looks at home! From tight, messy curls to loose, tousled waves – Charlotte’s been mixing it up like there’s no tomorrow and we’ve pulled together our top tips to get this Geordie babe’s best looks!

The Curly Blow-Out

Looking as pretty and perfect as ever, this week Charlotte stepped out with this incredible curly blow-out ready for filming on The Rylan Show. Getting the look is easy – just pick up our Medium Radial Brush, Perfect Blow Dry AC Dryer and Taming Anti Humidity Spray. Starting with freshly shampooed hair (our Kerasatin range works perfectly for this look), begin blow drying sections of your hair with the Perfect Blow Dry AC Dryer, curling your locks around the Radial Brush to give it that curled finish. Once each section is done, finish with a spritz of our Taming Anti Humidity spray to tame flyaways and add shine which will leave you having that hair flip emoji moment all night long!Charlotte Crosby Mark Hill Wand & Wicked Waver

Interchangeable Curls

One of our ultimate fave looks, the Interchangeable Wand curls! To recreate this style, start with a spritz of our Wonderspray to prep and protect your hair. Take our Interchangeable Wand with its slim 19mm barrel and section off your hair. Wrap these small sections around the barrel, holding for a few seconds each time, and repeat this until each lock of hair has been curled. For a little extra volume, use our Root Lift Spray and finish with another spritz of our Wonderspray for that long lasting hold. #HairGoals in no time!

Wicked Waves

Charlotte’s rocked this #HairMoment many times and each time you guys love it even more! These fun curls are super easy to create with our Wicked Waver Wand. Start by adding texture and volume with a spritz of our Wonderspray, part into small sections to ensure you create lots of curls for that Charlotte-style volume. Wrap each small section around the wand’s barrel. Once complete, tip your head forwards and spray with our Root Lift Spray, then give your locks a shake before flipping it back.Mark Hill Charlotte Crosby Straight Up & Perfect Blow Dryer

Sleek Chic

A classic style to wear day-to-day, Charlotte gets her sleek style with our Straight Up Straightener. This look is all about the shine, so prep hair with our MiracOILous range and Styling Primer for that super chic shine and soft touch. Straighten small sections from root to tip, making sure each section is polka straight, spraying with our Styling Heat Protection Spray to protect your hair before applying heat. To complete the look, when styling the two front sections that frame your face, curve your straightener outwards with a little flick.

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