Written by: holly 9th December 2013

The weather is feeling well and truly like autumn now and no doubt you’ve got your winter coat out already.  Keeping your hair in style and looking great is essential no matter what the weather, and one of the best ways to do this is by protecting it by covering it up.   But how do you do this and still look stylish?  Here are my top tips on how to avoid winter hat hair!


A SNUG FIT: There are so many hats available so the choice can be quite baffling. Don’t think about the hat you wore for the last wedding you went to; a hat for the winter is quite different.  It needs to cover your hair quite snugly, so a beret, a cap or a knitted hat are best.  Even though they should fit snugly around your head, choose one which also offers  a bit of versatility.  A beret for instance can be worn either pulled forward, on the back of your head or to a side. 

HOODIES: I know a hoodie is now a bit of a fashion accessory, but what about using a hoodie for what it was intended for?  A hood is one of the easiest ways to cover and protect your hair.  A large hood looks a little more stylish than a tighter one, and you can also wear a hat underneath when really cold.

SCARVES: Most people just put a scarf around their necks, but wearing it to cover your hair can look amazing.  Experiment with different drapes – swept to a side, wrapped completely around or just left hanging.   Just think about how classy the film stars of the 1950’s looked! 

MANAGING THE DREADED “FLAT HAT HAIR”: One of the reasons that people don’t wear hats as much as they used to is hat hair.  If you’ve managed to protect your hair from the elements, the last thing you want to do is to take your hat off and find your style is ruined by the hat.  Before your put your hat on, it’s always best to give your hair a really strong blow dry.  Building in volume will help your style ‘spring’ back to life.  If you need to revamp your style, keep one of my Big Night Out Dirty Little Stop Out Dry Shampoo in your handbag to do the trick.  Just spray it through your hair shake through and then comb your hair back into style. .

HATLESS HAIR: If you really don’t like wearing hats, there may still be a solution for you.  There are some products on the market at the moment which offer protection from humidity and damp weather conditions like my Defrizz-ilicious Anti-Humidity Shine Spray.  They won’t protect your hair in an downpour, but will help your hair from frizzing when its damp.  Just spray over your finished style  and remember to reapply throughout the day to keep your style looking great.