About Mark Hill

Mark Hill is one of the defining influences on British hairdressing. Based in Yorkshire, Mark is still the only hairdresser outside London to have won the British Hairdresser of the Year twice, and is the only UK hairdresser to have ever won the prestigious International Hairdresser of the Year accolade twice in succession, firmly establishing his global status as the ‘Master of Sexy Wearable Hair’.

He creates beautiful and wearable styles that women across the world want to emulate, and is applauded by the industry for his re-invention of glamour.

Mark has an ex-girlfriend to thank for introducing him to hairdressing. He was just 15 and looking for a part-time job, and she worked in a salon; she suggested he might like it too and Mark never looked back!

Passionate about training, Mark moved from his local village salon in Hessle when he was 16 into a busy city-centre salon in Hull – even then he knew he needed to experience all aspects of hairdressing if he was to succeed.

His next move was to the salon he now owns in the beautiful village of Kirk Ella on the outskirts of Hull where he continued to train and practice his craft, sometimes until late into the night. This hard work paid off and he was named the youngest member of the British Hairdressing team when he was 17.

For the next few years, Mark travelled the world with the team, competing in hundreds of hairdressing competitions and slowly his reputation as one of the best grew within the industry. His model for all his competitions is now his wife!

After being told he would never be able to win British Hairdresser of the Year or have his own hair cosmetics line, Mark set out to prove them wrong! Now, with both the hair cosmetics line and all of the top industry accolades under his belt, Mark is a hairdressing institution but staying true to his hairdressing roots is paramount – he still rolls up his sleeves in his beautiful salon with the rest of the Mark Hill team, cutting and styling three days a week, keeping him at the vanguard of both creative and technical advances.

This technical know-how continues to add to his creative vision, while his down-to-earth approach and boundless charm have earned Mark the ultimate respect of his fellow professionals.


Mark Hill is passionate about hairdressing. It’s his world. And fortunately the world of hairdressing has acknowledged both his passion and his talent by presenting him with just about every hairdressing award going! Voted ‘The Most Outstanding Hairdresser of his Generation’, Mark received the most prestigious award of his career when he was named ‘World Supreme Master New York’.

Mark’s award collection also contains:

2 x British Hairdresser of the Year

The most coveted award in the Hairdressing Industry Worldwide.

This is not an award you can enter. After nomination by industry peers, you submit a collection of images along with your full PR profile to be judged by a panel made up from other hairdressers, product manufacturers and beauty journalists. At the award ceremony itself, you have to present 3 models and it is only after then the winner is decided.

2 x Creative Hairdresser of the Year

Creative Hairdresser of the Year allows the hairdresser to really show their skills in creating ground-breaking styles suitable for Editorials and Catwalks.

Voted the Most Outstanding Hairdresser of his Generation

The unique Gilbert Pearce Award was awarded to Mark Hill in recognition of his hairdressing skills by his Industry peers.

British Guild of Hairdressing Special Recognition Award

The British Guild of Hairdressers presented this award to Mark Hill in recognition of promoting British Hairdressing both in the UK and Internationally.

3 x Winner of Northern Hairdresser of the Year

Voted for by a panel of industry peers and beauty journalists, the winner of this category represents their local area for the following 12 months. You can only win a maximum of 3 times which then gains induction into the British Hairdressing Awards Hall of Fame.

Member of The Hairdressers Hall of Fame

Hairdressers who have won the same category at the British Hairdressing awards 3 times are inducted into the British Hairdressing Awards Hall of Fame.

Mark Hill was the youngest ever hairdresser inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Winner of 68 International Gold medals

During his time working with the British Team, Mark Hill travelled extensively through Europe and won 68 International Gold Medals both individually and as a team.

2 x International Hairdresser of the Year

The International Hairdresser of the Year Awards is one of the most prestigious ceremonies open to hairdressers from all around the world.

Nominated by an editor, art director or board of directors, entrants must send a collection of images including Multicultural, Mens, Long Hair, Catwalk, Editorial and Classic. The winner is decided by a panel of international judges including hairdressers and journalists.

Voted the Hairdressers’ Hairdresser of the year

Creative Hairdresser of the Year allows the hairdresser to really show their skills in creating ground-breaking styles suitable for Editorials and Catwalks.

World Master Supreme (New York)

The award recognizes those who have achieved excellence in the hair fashion industry and are respected worldwide as leaders, entrepreneurs and masters of their craft.

AIPP Winner Best Brand Award

Submitting a collection of images along with an impressive press pack including magazine cuttings, TV appearances and interviews, Mark Hill was voted to have the best Brand by the Association International Presse Professionnelle in Paris.

Winner of 16 British Hairdressing Awards

Mark and his team have won an amazing collection of other British Hairdressing Awards.

These include:

• 2 x Artistic Team of the Year
• 7 x winner of Northern Hairdresser of the Year
• Junior of the Year

Winner of Paris Jon De on Ton

Voted for by a panel of industry peers and beauty journalists, the winner of this category represents their local area for the following 12 months. You can only win a maximum of 3 times which then gains induction into the British Hairdressing Awards Hall of Fame.

Meet The Glam Squad

Meet the team behind the brand that makes your hair perfect, everyday.

  • Celebrity Hairdresser Mark Hill

    Mark HillIn charge of it all!

    Mark HillIn charge of it all!

    We all know he’s the best in the business, but the world needs to know the truth about the man behind the brand.

    Part man, part machine, Mark plugs himself into the mains electricity supply every night and enjoys annoying us every day with his boundless energy.

  • Jules Holland, Creative Director at Mark Hill Hair

    Jules HollandCreative Director

    Jules HollandCreative Director

    What can you say about the man who has it all?

    He’s charming, witty, good-looking and a demon with a pair of scissors. He also wrote this all by himself!

  • colour_0011_Layer-322

    Jarrad EnglestownArtistic Director

    Jarrad EnglestownArtistic Director

    Jarrad loves keeping busy from dawn until dusk. If he’s not working, he’s talking about hair!

    Jarrad is a top dad who loves his little boy even more than hairdressing! On top of this, of course, he’s a truly awesome hairdresser.

  • colour_0012_Layer-321

    Lizzy AndrewsSenior Stylist

    Lizzy AndrewsSenior Stylist

    A lean mean styling machine, clients love Lizzy and Lizzy loves her clients.

    Watch out for some pretty bad jokes, though! She also makes a mean coffee mocha!

  • colour_0006_Layer-328

    Penny OliverLeading Stylist

    Penny OliverLeading Stylist

    Penny has a wonderful approach to her work – she’s always happy and never lets her clients down.

    Penny specialises in wigs – she can help choose the right style and cut it to suit you. Please contact the salon for more details.

  • colour_0005_Layer-335

    Tash MeakinTop Stylist

    Tash MeakinTop Stylist

    Fancy some clip-in extensions? Talk to Tash! She’s so good at colour matching, Dulux better watch out! Remember her name; she’s also a great fashion designer.

    BAFTA-accredited stylist
    Photo-shoots and celebrity clients including Best, Charlie Brooks, Laura Charmichael

  • colour_0008_Layer-325

    Kay TunleySalon Assistant

    Kay TunleySalon Assistant

    A genius with a tinting brush, grey hair doesn’t stand a chance when she applies your colour. That’s why we call her our Special-K.

    Loves keeping things tidy – don’t stand still for more than a minute or she’ll put you in the cupboard!

  • colour_0007_Layer-326

    Georgina Atkinson-DellLeading Stylist

    Georgina Atkinson-DellLeading Stylist

    From vintage victory rolls to 60’s beehives and modern beach waves, it’s all in the styling for Georgina!

    She’s a great listener, friendly and always ready to cater for her clients’ every need.

  • colour_0002_Layer-338

    Linda AbbotSalon Assistant

    Linda AbbotSalon Assistant

    The smooth operator of the salon – cool, calm and always collected.

    Even on the busiest Friday afternoon, Linda never loses her cool.

  • colour_0004_Layer-336

    Sophie HollandReceptionist

    Sophie HollandReceptionist

    A bit of whizz on the computer, Sophie always manages to magic appointments out of thin air on even the busiest of days!

    Always smiling, even when she has just finished a 9 hour shift in 5 inch heels!

  • colour_0003_Layer-337

    Amanda MaltonBusiness Development

    Amanda MaltonBusiness Development

    Amanda loves getting her teeth into the practical day to day running of the salon.

    From customer care right through to staff holidays, she seems to have a form for everything. Bring her a coffee every hour on the hour and she’ll be happy!

  • colour_0000_Layer-340

    Neil MorrisonCommercial Manager

    Neil MorrisonCommercial Manager

    If you like spreadsheets, then you’ll love Neil. He’ll show you his spreadsheet at the drop of a hat.

    He’s also been known to venture into the warehouse occasionally, and can often be seen in the corner of the coffee room with his high vis on.

  • colour_0001_Layer-339

    Gill AtkinsonPA

    Gill AtkinsonPA

    The Queen of Google, you only have to ask and she will find it.

    However, ask her to find something in her office, and you don’t stand a chance. Loves, lives and works for chocolate.

  • hailey clarke leading stylist at mark hill

    Hailey ClarkeLeading Stylist

    Hailey ClarkeLeading Stylist

    Hailey has a wealth of experience in hairdressing and has moved down from Teesside to join our team – she’s already styled at the BAFTA’s, charity events and photoshoots.

    Book with her soon, she’s going to be busy!

  • lisa chapman stylist at mark hill

    Lisa ChapmanStylist

    Lisa ChapmanStylist

    Lisa never seems to stop; she can shampoo, do a cut and blow dry, make a coffee and apply a wicked colour all at the same time!

    Always happy, always smiling, no wonder she’s one of our clients favourites.