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When Mark's team aren't in the salon grafting, they're knee-deep in fashion magazines, from Vogue to Grazia, drenching themselves in all that is new, all that is now, all that is must-have-on-trend-NEED-ONE-NOW!

We are fashion-forward, fashion-fanatics, fashion (with-a-passion) followers… you get the picture. But what's your hair got to do with fashion? EVERYTHING.

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Dressing table full of brushes and combs?  Hair sometimes feels like it has a mind of its own, expanding where it shouldn’t, laying as flat as the proverbial pancake on your head or curling and frizzing in a peculiar way? WHY, WHY, WHY???? Well … the “mane” culprit for our unhappy locks may actually be our brushes. The right brush will massage your scalp; help distribute oils; and help your hair grow […]

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Ever fancied trying the latest celeb hairstyle? No cuts, no colours, just press a button and instantly look like your favourite Celeb! Go on, give it a go! Have fun!

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